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as the curator of Cerulean Collective I’ve fallen short on time to blog and search for quality photos and interviews. I’ll be returning after April to continue CC. But for now, search the archive for amazing art, submit, or just say hello

Thanks for the everyone is supported the blog!! I’ll come back soon. 


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Oscar Wilde. by llymlrs on Flickr.
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Mirella Cardoso is a photographer from Florida.

Obviously this girl is livin’ life to the fullest. Good friends, good times, good vibes…simple as that. As this lovely being marches the school campus with a camera in her hand and heart to follow it, Mirella documents moments of her life through photos and films

What inspires you to take photographs?

MC: This is going to sound really cheesy but my friends inspire me. I love holding onto memories/moments and looking at a picture I took brings back the feelings I had in that exact moment. I would say I’m a pretty nostalgic person. 

Favourite thing about Christmas?

MC: Christmas music. I have this Elvis Presley Christmas cd, and I play it constantly this time of the year. 

If you could go anywhere at this very moment, where would you go?

MC: Wherever my friends are. 

Your photos are so nostalgic, and a lot of your friends are in them! How do you think they think of your photography?

MC: Aw thanks! At times my friends will get a little annoyed with me constantly taking pictures , but in the end they’re glad I did. They have slowly grown used to it, and I would say that most of my friends like my photography. 

What are your New Year’s resolutions, if you have any? 

MC: Take more pictures, make a short film, self-develop more black and white film!

Check out Mirella’s Flickr and follow her blog

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untitled by sophie curtis on Flickr.
(by anabelnavarro)
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More storms by Nich Hance on Flickr.
Venezuela by pupirishka on Flickr.
untitled by Samantha L. Corrales on Flickr.

Dillon Irwin is a photographer from San Diego, California. Still in high school, this kid knows what he’s doing. 

Boy, I wish I would could spend summers with this guy. You would be lucky to find a friend like Dillon. Not only would you spend endless days at the beach, explore unknown territory, AND drink Arizonas but you would also have many memories to keep. His style is candid and sentimental, something unexpected, something wonderful. Now before I get all excited, I was eager to interview Dillon on Monday about his sprightly photos. 

What inspires you to take photographs?

DI: I guess you could say I find beauty in the little moments of life. The ones that cannot ever be recreated again. I love capturing that moment that causes you to look back and take a second glance. 

If you could travel anywhere this moment, where would you go?

DI: As typical as it sounds, I would probably choose to travel across the UK. There is just something so magical about being over there at this time of year. Maybe it is because they actually have weather unlike here in Southern California, but the accents really do help…

What camera do you bring around or use more often?

DI: I tend to use my Minolta x-700 the most, with the occasional disposable camera or Diana F+.

Favourite things about the holiday season?

DI: For whatever reason I find driving around looking at Christmas lights to be very mesmerizing, and I really enjoy all the ridiculous festivities and traditions. 

You’re so into film photography! What do you like especially about using film?

DI: What I like most about film is that I find it to be very raw and real. The film doesn’t lie, either it is a good photo or it is not. This forces you to really think about each one of the 24 frames. I also love the anticipation of dropping a roll off. You feel like you are leaving your kid for their first day of school, and you never know what to expect upon return. I simply find the whole process to be so fulfilling.

Check out Dillon’s Flickr

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